Website Pricing

$1,000 One-time Design Fee
+ $39 per Month*

Preview Website Design with No Commitment

$1,000 One-time Fee Includes:

Professional Custom Designed Website

Custom Designed with Your Business in Mind

Mobile Responsive Website

Search Engine Optimized Website

$39 per Month* Includes:

Secure Hosting

Regular Backups

Unlimited Storage, Traffic, Pages and Media

Customer Service with a Real Person

Maintenance Options

After your website goes live, there is a two-month grace period where I will make any changes/corrections you have for free. However, after this period of time there are three options for maintaining your site:

1. Good


Administrative rights will be provided to your team. From here you can log in and make any changes you want. 

2. Better


You can reach out to me and provide the changes. Before doing the work I will estimate the time and send a PayPal link for payment. Once payment is made I will make the changes.


With this premium option, you can email, phone, or text me any changes or additions and I will prioritize them—usually making the change within 24-48 hours. The cost for this service is $1,000 per year..