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Website Pricing

$1,000 One-time Design Fee
+ $39 per Month*

Preview Website Design with No Commitment

$1,000 One-time Fee Includes:

Professionally Designed

Custom Designed

Mobile Responsive

Search Engine Optimized

$39 per Month* Includes:

Secure Hosting

Regular Backups

5GB of Storage

(upgrades available)

Personal Customer Service

Optional Add-ons


$12 per month

Online Bookings

$10 per month

Accept Form Payments

$12 per month

*Monthly fee is based on a payment of $468 paid annually. **The Design Fee is non-refundable. The Annual Fee, once paid, is non-refundable. If the annual fee is 30 days past due, your site will be taken off-line until payment is made in full.

Maintenance Options

After your website goes live, there is a 30-day grace period where I will make any changes/corrections at no charge. However, after this period of time there are three options for maintaining your site:



  • Administrative rights will be provided to your team. From here you can log in and make any changes you want. 

Stress Free!

Personal Webmaster


VIP First Priority Support


  • It's like having a staff member whose job is to manage the website.


  • With this premium option, you can email, phone, or text me any changes or additions and they will be prioritized—typically completed within 24-48 hours.

  • Changes are guaranteed to be optimized for mobile and designed to your satisfaction.

*Billed Annually

On Call

Pay Per Need

$ /Per Need*
  • Contact me and provide the changes or additions you want to make. Before doing the work I will estimate the time and send a PayPal link for payment. Once payment is made I will make the changes.


*Minimum $35 per incident

Complimentary Maintenance Feature for All Sites

Occasionally, as time permits, your site will be reviewed and small design changes may be implemented. New features are periodically developed which can improve the look and functionality of your site. 

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