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Tricia and Shannon Brown'

About Advance Graphics

I launched Advance Graphics over 30 years ago, simply because I love creating and designing—and I've been at it ever since!

Through the years I've worked to help numerous non-profits and businesses create websites, printed projects, and digital pieces that look great and communicate the message they want to tell.

I understand the importance of getting the job done right and whatever your project is—big or small—I'll give my very best.

I also understand that the process can sometimes be a little confusing, so I'll walk through it with you and will be happy to take your project from concept all the way through to completion.

Shannon Brown and Family

About Me

My greatest joy in life is my family! I’m a lucky husband and proud father of five wonderful kids. They are some of the most amazing people I know and I learn so much from each of them. We are a family of creatives which means we do everything with passion—we play big, we argue big, we have fun big and we love big.

Shannon Brown Graphic Design

For Fun

This is one of the first photos I could find of me doing design (1996). A handful of things to notice:

  • Apple Quadra 650 + 15" monitor

  • Lightbox and slides with a slide scanner to the left of my computer

  • Syquest Storage Drives (held 44MB of data)

  • Fancy photoshopped logo on my sleeve, and photoshopped family on my monitor

  • No facial hair and about 50 lbs. lighter

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