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Website Overambitious-itis

Having worked with clients for over a decade on websites there's a recurring pattern that inflicts many of the people I have worked for. Overambitious-itis.

Starting out a journey of designing (or redesigning) a website is often paralyzing for people. An uncertainty of where to start and a feeling of dread inflicts people because a website seems so daunting.

But, once they pull the trigger with a (competent) designer and see a website begin to take shape it's easy to get over excited and want to include a number of features that require regular maintenance.

One example that requires maintenance is implementing a blog or news feed. Blogs are a great feature on a site and can provide a number of benefits from improved search engine results to disseminating important information to the public, etc.

BUT . . .

. . . a blog requires routine attention and work. It means a commitment to writing and posting on a regular basis. Not doing this means that the blog will look neglected and out of date and is counter productive.

Because of this, when working with a client, I will try to explain to them—in the midst of the initial excitement—that they need to thoughtfully consider a specific element and whether they will be able to keep it updated. Ambition will say 'yes', but more often when other responsibilities are clamoring for time months later the answer should have been 'no.'

Many times the best approach is to design a "Set it and Forget it" site that does not require regular maintenance and then revisit the project later and slowly add in features.



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