Live, Laugh, Love, Laramie

A Life Update About Where We Live

Geographically, Wyoming is the ninth largest state in the U.S. with a total population of 578,759 +3 (for perspective, that's about the same size as Oklahoma City). Laramie is the fourth largest "city" in Wyoming with just over 32,000 citizens.

This is where I was born and raised.

As a teenager, living here, I was stricken with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). I had an abiding sense of isolation coupled with a lot of romantic notions about how amazing it must be "out there." I was itching to graduate high school so I could get out into the “real world" and see how civilized people lived. So, the day after I graduated, I bolted.

Fast forward 33 years to this past January and my wife Tricia, my daughter Grace, and I relocated back to the Cowboy State.

Having lived in a number of different places and having traveled extensively, I realize now that Laramie is a wonderful place and if anything, I missed out on not living here all those years.