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Thank you for choosing Advance Graphics

Introductory Note

All of the content—both text and photos—on your preview site is designed to serve as an example and provide a starting point for you. You can make simple modifications or wholesale changes.

Next Steps

Get Started

Advance Graphics will send you a bill for the $1,000 design fee.


However, as the payment is being processed I won't slow down—instead, I will immediately get to work on your site.

Refining Your Site

There will inevitably be changes, additions, and deletions on the preview site you were sent.

The best way to submit these corrections is by using the built-in commenting feature on your preview site. (Below are some simple instructions)

  • On the preview site I sent, you will see a button in the top right corner that says, "Add Comment."

  • Once you click this button, a colored node will appear on the website. Drag that node to the location where the change should be made. Then simply add your comment or corrections and click the send button.

Of course, you can use Email to send corrections or changes.

  • Include a link to the page the change goes on.

  • Be as specific as possible where the correction should be made.


Email all photos to me.

  • Whenever possible, please send high-resolution images.

  • Include instructions where each photo should be placed.

Go Live

Once the corrections are complete and you're happy with the site, I will send you a bill for the annual hosting fee. Once that is paid I will go live with your new website!

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