Does your church need a designer but can’t justify a full-time position?

The Retainer Program is for those who need consistent design work on a monthly basis. It comes with a reduced hourly rate in exchange for a 12-month commitment. 

What makes this a good idea?

  • Always have a "staff" designer ready to roll. 

  • Enjoy the benefits of having a "staff" designer without having to pay benefits.

  • It provides a single line item in the budget and makes budgeting projects much simpler.

  • It helps develop a cohesive look for your entire ministry.

What kinds of work can I do?

Anything that is graphics related. This includes just about everything.


  • Brochures, Bulletins, Welcome Packets, Special Event Materials and anything else your church wants to be designed.

  • Digital design for Websites and Social Media.

I can also facilitate printing for you or send print-ready files that are optimized for whatever kind of printer or copier you are using.

Retainer Pro Packages

*Additional hours are billed separately at the regular rate of $100 per hour.

Are you interested?

9 Paradise Valley Rd.

Laramie, WY 82070

(779) 348-1184

I am a professional graphic designer in Laramie, Wyoming who specializes in print design and website design.

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